When animals enter the shelter, others leave the back door as dead animals. Although the majority of our animals are shelter rescues, we sometimes help in the case of animals that need to be re homed by their owners or have been found by Good Samaritans or have been abandoned, in an effort to keep these pets out of the shelter system. The more time you have before the animal has to be out of your location, the more time we have to help you. The minute you are aware that you must re home your creature, is the minute you need to begin aggressively working on finding a new placement for it.


If you have to change residences, please consider your animal is part of your family. Would you get rid of a human child? Would you dump your grandparent to be killed senselessly? If you have to move, please look online for pet friendly housing. Homeless To Forever Foundation does not support the idea of landlords refusing to allow pets in their building or houses. We ask that you in turn not support people who refuse to allow furry members to live with their loved Forever Family.


Each situation is considered on a case by case basis. However, please refer to the following guidelines for help in this area of need:


We cannot work with re homing aggressive animals (except in the case of hamsters, which are known to be picky sticky creatures, and other critters), however we can refer you to an excellent trainer. Please refer to our Awesome Bunnies  page of this website for the excellent trainer HTFF uses to help us with animals in need of training.



In order for most animals to be shown through HTFF for adoption, they have to be spayed or neutered, up to date on vaccinations, and microchipped. If the animal is a kitten or cat, it also has to be tested for Feline HIV/Leukemia. Most critters do NOT get spayed or neutered nor do they get vaccinations. Please check with us in regards to critters. In the case of a signed agreement with HTFF, we will pay for the microchip.

HTFF can refer owners to low cost veterinary clinics in Los Angeles to help in providing the care needed for the animal to be part of our surrender or re home program.

If you have an animal that you need help in surrendering or rehoming, please submit the inquiry form (if multiple pets, each must have a separate inquiry form):