HTFF saves lives, but only as many as we can financially support. There are many different expenses that we have to cover and so many unique situations that come with a lot of heart wrenching rescue stories. There are several ways you can help us cover these expenses; you can donate directly to HTFF online using the PayPal link provided below or you can help by using the links to various organizations below to donate goods to HTFF. Additionally, you can mail a donation to:

Homeless To Forever Foundation
PO Box 661533
Arcadia, CA 91066

One of the main reasons animals are killed at the shelters is due to kennel cough and other illnesses such as parvo, guardia, broken limbs, mange, eye injuries, infections, stones, tumors (oftentimes benign), cuts and sores, and starvation/dehydration.

Kennel cough is easily and quickly treatable, however vet visits and antibiotics for each dog add up. The costs for more serious illnesses and injuries are staggering.

It cannot be an option to leave an animal behind to be put down so carelessly, when it has a chance to live a wonderfully full life. Whether minor or serious, an animal with a treatable illness or injury deserves an opportunity to someday be a Forever Pet.

We rescue both healthy creatures and animals with a chance at a healthy life but for their current illness or injury. We rescue many animals that are not available to the public and, because they are held in the shelter medical clinics, are not seen by the public. These animals have zero chances at being adopted.

Rescue fees can be costly depending on which shelter we go to, with some charging over a hundred dollars per dog or cat. Transportation costs are high, supplies and food have to be bought, grooming and pest control can be expensive.

We also spend money making sure our animals get every chance at adoption once they are ready to be placed in Forever Homes. We show our animals at both monthly adoption fairs and multiple annual super adoption events. Super adoption events oftentimes require registration fees and promotional materials.

Ultimately every aspect of our rescue efforts depends on financial funds. We are unable to exist unless we have the money to pay for everything listed below and much, much, more:


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You can support HTFF by donating your car through Cars4Causes:

You can support HTFF by donating anything on our Amazon wish list:

Buy from Pet Food Express and send it to the PASADENA, CA store where Homeless To Forever Foundation has their monthly adoption fairs. Be sure to state it is for Homeless To Forever Foundation!

Buy from Petsmart and have it sent to the MONROVIA, CA store where Homeless To Forever Foundation has their weekly adoption fairs and houses some of their rescued cats. Be sure to state it is for Homeless To Forever Foundation!