Cat Tails

Cat Tails – Specs, Who Walked Like a Lion

Little Specs was a grey and apricot dilute tortie.  She died on Wednesday, June 21.  The many health issues she came to HTFF with finally caught up with her, but I believe that the time she spent with us since her owner died was happy.  She was tiny and thin, but no one saw her […]

Cat Tails – Soba the Spy

Soba the spy stretches his long legs in front of him and arches his back.  It is almost time time for the morning caretaker to come and he has to be at his best.  It is still early in his current mission and he has to feel his way carefully.  He isn’t too sure why […]

Cat Tails – Introduction

Introduction to Cat Tails When members of Homeless To Forever Foundation (HTFF) were discussing different subjects they wanted to blog about, as the person who was planning to write about cats, it was suggested to me that I write an introduction to my blog, Cat Tails.  How I came to be in charge of the […]