The adoption consists of: 

  • Application
  • Home and yard visit
  • Contract
  • Non refundable, tax deductible adoption fee.

Please fill out one of the applications that pertains to your adoption and email it to or mail it to P.O. Box 662533, Arcadia, CA 91066

Prior to submitting the application, please note:

Applicant must be 21 years or older. You must have the consent of your landlord if you rent your home or apartment.

Because we are not a shelter and have our animals in foster homes, we are unable to hold animals. In rare cases, we accept the adoption fee and signed contract for a very brief hold. Since most animals go into their Forever Home at the time of the home and yard visit, we ask that you arrange for home visits for times when you are available to take in the animal.

If you are actively looking for an animal, we suggest having the bed, bowls, leash, and other items as needed, especially for critters, in anticipation of the Forever Pet coming to the home prior to the visit.

We welcome you to meet the animal at our adoption fairs and we are very happy to come to you. Not being a shelter, we do not have a place for potential adopters to see the animals other than the fairs or home visits. Please see the calendar page for fair dates.

We have placed our animals in the Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, and San DiegoCounties. We are happy to travel in order to have our animals placed in their perfect Forever Home.

All cats must be indoor only cats and cannot be declawed. Dogs must have a fenced or blocked in yard or, in the case of condominiums and apartments, be allowed frequent outdoor walking times and breaks. All dogs, including large dogs, must be primarily indoor dogs and sleep indoors. Rabbits can only be house rabbits and must have at least a larger area of the house to roam. Rats should have at least some time of the day to be out of cage. We do not adopt critters as classroom pets. Hamsters are solitary animals and so we only adopt hamsters as single pets per cage or glass home. Guinea Pigs are social animals and so we prefer to adopt them as a companion to a Guinea Pig you have or in pairs or trios.

HTFF does not adopt animals into Forever Homes as first come, first served nor do we operate a set formula for who gets an animal. We may reject an adoption request for any reason. Application does not guarantee aproval for an adoption.

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