dog1mission_sThe Homeless To Forever Foundation is a non-profit animal rescue organization that seeks to transport animals from the misery of Homelessness to the ideal of Forever Home. We strive to rescue animals that will never have a chance of survival and place them in Forever Homes that will transform their lives to incredible happiness and security. We work with shelter coordinators to rescue animals that are hidden or ill, but that are gems. Creatures who deserve better than what their previous owners gave them, creatures that will make wonderful companions to Forever Families.

In the land of Homelessness, an animal is without love, without care, and left to die an ugly death. Animals are abandoned to starve on the streets or right in their backyard that have been vacated by former owners. Most of the time, pets are dumped in the local shelter, thrown away to face cold, overcrowded kennels, illness and injury, and for most of the animals discarded in California shelters, eventually death.

In the land of Forever…Forever Home, Forever Family, Forever Owner…pets are secure and loved and never mistreated and never left to die in agony. Pets go where their family go and stay where their family stays.  They are taken care of and well fed and will die, after a long and healthy life, surrounded by those who love them and cherish them.

How We Operate

Homeless To Forever is a 501c3 animal rescue organization that is based in the San Gabriel Valley of Southern California. We are allowed to receive tax deductible donations to the extent allowed by law. Our tax identification number is 36-4726511.

Our primary aim is to provide rescue and forever home placement of animals from the Southern California shelter systems.  We aim to provide last minute rescue to critters and other animals that have been scheduled for euthanasia and have run out of time in securing help from local animal rescue organizations.

In Doggy Speak that means: We save doggies, kitties, critters and other animals from dying in the shelters.

Our secondary goal is to provide the same quality of rescue and placement for animals abandoned or in need of being re-homed by private individuals with the goal of preventing these creatures from otherwise entering the shelter system, while also providing limited and minimal support to selected private individuals in need of emergency medical and daily living care for their animals with the goal of preventing these creatures from being surrendered to the shelter system.

In Kitty Speak that means:  We save doggies, kitties, critters and other animals from dying in the shelters, which means we also try to help some creatures, as best we can, from going to the shelters in the first place.